And yet another way that Miley Cyrus' tongue has been immortalized.

Justin Bieber paid homage to his tonguetacular and twerking pal by painting her face and her signature expression –eyes wide, tongue out— on the backyard skate ramp at his Calabasas crib.

Really? Yes, really.

That way, Da Biebs can cruise all over Miley's image and likeness with his board while he practices his moves.

A huge rendering of Cyrus' visage – it's not exactly flattering, but it's meant to be a caricature, allowing for an element of warpedness and of humor—is spraypainted on the ramp. It's just her head and her tongue.

We wonder if Miley will dig this, uh, tribute. Hey, at least it means that The Biebs is thinking about her, right? He has had his share of graffiti issues in recent months, causing trouble while out of the country.

The Biebs seems to be into skating lately, as he landed on his rear end and shared the video on Instagram.