Someone is really trying to shift the public's opinion in Justin Bieber's favor.

Mysterious skywriting appeared over New York City yesterday that read, "Justin Bieber is a smileophile." Whether it's some misguided PR stunt on Bieber's end ("Smileophile" would make for a terrible song or album title, of this we are sure) or if some fan shelled out thousands of dollars just to let the world to know that Bieber really likes a happy face remains unknown.

He did go on a short-lived apology tour, which culminated in that terrible Comedy Central roast, so maybe this is the beginning of Round 2. Bieber and his team have yet to comment on the writing, so we may never know its true purpose, but you can check out some informative tweets below.

As far as new music is concerned, there's still no word as to when Bieber's next album will be released — though he claims he's working on it, so, baby steps. He will, however, be featured on Riff Raff's next album, according to the rapper himself.

Riff Raff, who claims that he served as the inspiration for James Franco's character in Spring Breakers, spoke with TMZ about the artists he hopes will guest on his upcoming Peach Panther album. He said, "Drake might come through. Wayne, Weezy. I already got Bieber on the album."

So, that's a collaboration that's apparently happening. You can check out video of the always-pleasant Riff Raff talking about Bieber over at TMZ.

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