Sometimes a little snowboarding and bonding with nature is all you need to blow off some steam, especially when you have the worst birthday ever, your ex-girlfriend gloats that she made you cry on national late night TV and your normally sparkling rep is taking a bit of a publicity beating.

An that's what Justin Bieber did while in Switzerland.

The singer hit the white, powdery stuff – no, not that kind, since he likes blunts not cocaine! We kid, we kid. The Biebs took to the slopes while wearing bright pink snow pants. You could spot him a mile away in those things. If an avalanche came crashing down, he'd be somewhat easier to locate with those pantalones.

The Biebs tweeted about hitting the snow during the day and the stage at night.

He was reportedly in the Hoch-Ybrig ski region of the neutral country. The photo spread virally on Twitter, with one snarky commenter joking that it was either Justin Bieber or a young Swiss girl. Ouch! That sounds like something Selena Gomez would say.

Meanwhile, far away in L.A., Christina Aguilera, who snubbed The Biebs when he appeared on 'The Voice' last season, offered some advice to the singer. She was likely asked by a reporter to provide these words of encouragement, as opposed to offering them up unprovoked.

“You live life and it’s hard to grow up in front of a camera," she said. "You learn as you get older to take moments for yourself, step away from the camera, re-inspire yourself as an artist, rejuvenate and refresh. I would tell Bieber, don’t let anything morph you or push you around or have you be something you’re not. I’ve always been really honest and true to my own roots and been really grounded, not letting myself stray too much.”

Ya hear that, Biebs? There are some nuggets of worth there. Take it or leave it. And have fun in the Swiss snow.

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