Sophia Grace and her blonde pal Rosie are everywhere, like horse poop! The precocious British lasses invited Justin Bieber to have tea and cookies with them on Friday's (Sept. 14) episode of 'Ellen.' Of course, the princesses grilled the Biebs about what games he likes to play and his favorite kind of cake -- all things any self-respecting Belieber wants to know.

So what does JB do with pals? He goes bowling and to the movies. If you're his girlfriend, well, he'll rent out the Staples Center so you can watch 'Titanic' together.

His favorite cake is ice cream cake. Oooooh, good choice, Biebs. Carvel makes the best, most yummy ice cream cakes in existence. Trust us, we know. He didn't need to convince Sophia Grace and Rosie about the inherent value of ice cream cake. They love all kinds of cake. Let's hope their mums and dads have taught them good dental hygiene and to brush their teeth at least twice a day.

Oatmeal raisin cookies are tops for him, as well. Watch, Beliebers will be baking batches and bringing the homemade treats to shows on the upcoming Believe tour.

He reiterated that he is afraid of sharks.

The girls weren't about to let it be all about the Biebs, either. They sang a far bars of 'Baby' without requiring or even requesting an assist from the singer who made the song famous. They quickly established that this is 'The Sophia Grace and Rosie Show.' Step off, Biebs.