In a rapid fire interview with Radio Disney, Justin Bieber answered a series of silly questions about friends, food and love. The 'Boyfriend' singer was game to answer them quickly and without too much thought, which made it fun and spontaneous.

In a nutshell, Kevin Hart is The Biebs' funniest celeb friend, while Kanye West is his most fashionable bro. His favorite song to sing in the shower is 'I Will Always Love You.' Can you just picture that? The Biebs belting out the ballad while sudsing up?

He couldn't figure out which flavor of Girl Scout Cookies is his favorite, but he did say that the one meal he could eat every day is spaghetti. Carbs overload!

When asked about true love, the singer sheepishly said it's "important." He did not make a reference to his GF Selena Gomez, but then again, he was offering up one word answers and it wasn't like he could get philosophical about his lady love in this short, sweet interview.

Watch Justin Bieber Radio Disney Interview