Justin Bieber's last two weeks in the U.K. have not been great. And now after his (what some would call "diva-like") behavior, his camp is apparently trying to rid him of that image.

It all started off with his "worst birthday ever," followed by the arrival to his London show two hours late, then he was hospitalized after his second London gig and topped off with a curse-filled threat to the paparazzi.

But wait, there's more.

Lil Twist crashed his Fisker Karma again, Selena Gomez threw some major shade and JB reportedly ditched a concert in Portugal, later fighting off rumors that it was due to low ticket sales.

Pretty much most people are getting a very "spoiled brat" vibe from the Biebs, and for good reason. So what are JB's handlers doing to alter the public's perception of the teen heartthrob?

A member of Bieber's camp reportedly told The Daily Star, "There’s going to be some major damage limitation to be done PR-wise," they continued, "Justin has gained the reputation of being a spoiled brat and his management think the first and most obvious thing to do is to get rid of the flash sports cars such as his chrome Fisker Karma and his white Ferrari." Uh-oh, Justin! Looks like you'll be cruisin' around town in a sensible mid-sized sedan! Goodbye, Fisker and hellooo, Toyota!

This "source" also went on to say, "It just doesn’t work having such a young kid driving around in cars that cost a quarter of a million dollars.” Well, this "young kid" also happens to be quite wealthy. The kids of hedge fund managers get to drive around in daddy's cars, why can't Biebs tool around in vehicles he's paid for with his own money?

Honestly, we think he should keep the cars -- he did earn them, after all. Maybe all he needs is a brush up on manners, so he know how to handle things when they, you know, don't go his way. That's all!

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