OK, WTF is up with Justin Bieber's posture lately? Slouching is never a good look, even on The Biebs. It's like he traded in his strong back for that of a 90-year-old woman's, or like he forgot how to walk, so he hit up his boy Quasimodo for some lessons.

Seriously, what's happening to you, Justin? You've been all over the place lately, from Los Angeles to Amsterdam, and you've been bringing your absolutely horrific posture along with you. Pick that chin up, throw dem shoulders back, and please, for the love of God, stop walking around so hunched over, JB. It's weirding us out...

It's like reverse evolution up in here! That last picture of Bieber standing up straight and tall is actually the oldest in this entire set. What gives?


And don't even get us started with the shirtless pics. What's the point of showing off your muscles if they're going to be overshadowed by that hunch?

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This will be the future of Bieber's meet-and-greets if he keeps up this behavior.


Now we're thinking, what if the Bieber slouch is just a strategic way of keeping his pants up? Sticking out his butt like that can only help the imminent "pants on the ground" situation he constantly faces.

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Seriously though, just stop.




Remember, imagine your head is attached to an invisible string...


Unless he likes standing like that, then he could just have another career lined up in the bell-ringing business at Notre Dame Cathedral...

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And in case you didn't get that last "hunchback" joke, here's another! Behold, the animated Bieberback of Notre Dame.

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