Two days. That's all it took for Justin Bieber's street sign in Texas to be stolen by thieves. A street sign for Justin Bieber Way was installed by Forney resident Caroline Gonzales, 11, when she won a contest to serve as "Mayor for a Day' in her fair city. Main Street was transformed into Justin Bieber Way this past Tuesday, but sticky-fingered residents jacked the sign today.

"Mayor for Every Day But This Past Tuesday" Darren Rozell has said that he will have the sign replaced immediately, telling that "We don’t know if it was really a crazed fan who decided they had to have it or what."

It could have been one of little Caroline's classmates who wanted it for her wall, since she thinks she is the world's biggest Belieber. Or maybe it was a pack of Bieber haters who couldn't stand the thought of a street sign baring his wretched name. Perhaps a diehard Bieber fan traveled far and wide to get the sign for their town? The possibilities are endless. Endless!

While we applaud Rozell for his desire to replace the sign that Gonzales commissioned, it leaves us with this thought: There must be no crime or other pressing matters requiring government attention in Forney if replacing a Justin Bieber street sign becomes a priority on the "to do" docket.