Wow, that's a lot of people! In this clip from Justin Bieber's NBC special, 'Justin Bieber: All Around the World,' which airs tonight (June 20) and tomorrow (June 21), the singer is backstage, laying on a leather couch and strumming his guitar like he's just another musician. Meanwhile, a crowd of 300,000 Beliebers has assembled in Mexico, screaming their heads off loud enough to make you go deaf.

In this clip, The Biebs' people do all the talking. He doesn't. His manager Scooter Braun speaks about the reception his young charge has gotten, with people on rooftops and cramming into every open space to catch a glimpse of him.

It's easily one of the singer's biggest moments. He also drew 150,000 more people than Sir Paul McCartney, only one of the most important musicians of the modern era and a living legend, when he was at the same venue two weeks prior, according to member of his The Biebs' camp.

That is, like, beyond impressive.

It's all even more impressive that The Biebs is so unassuming and normal while he waits to take the stage.

Watch the teaser, pimping the show, too.

Watch Clip of Justin Bieber in Mexico

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