First a gas mask, and now this?!

We get that Justin Bieber is a teenager who has some leeway to make questionable fashion decisions in his life. But this outfit is just awful. Someone needs to call the fashion police because this outfit is a crime that clashes.

The Biebs, who just got himself a new 'X' tattoo, stepped out of his hotel in London in a pair of purple -- his favorite color -- leopard print pants with kicks. His graphic print sweatshirt wouldn't be so bad if paired with solid color trousers or jeans. All those colors and prints clash.

For someone who is constantly running from the invasive paparazzi flashbulbs, The Biebs is certainly calling attention to himself with this loud outfit. He can't blend in and avoid cameras when dressing like this. We're starting to thing he likes and invites the attention.

Even so, the hat and the nerdy specs are the worst part. The studded baseball cap in lemon yellow looks like a hard hat with some accessorizing. If he threw that at someone, it'd leave a mark, thanks to all those studs. It's not a hat; it's a weapon.

And those glasses? They are '70s dorktacular with the words "see" stenciled on the left lense. He looks like the "Glice" character he played on 'SNL' earlier this month.

This is certainly a fashion 'Don't' and a 'WTF?' moment for the normally stylish singer, who has been pairing denim and leather in a fashionable way during the Believe promo cycle.

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