While Justin Bieber fired the opening salvo -- alleging that the game violates The Biebs' trademarks of his image -- RC3 has shot right back.

The peeps behind the mobile app, called Joustin Beaver, filled their own preemptive suit against the teen, saying they are protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution and have the right to lampoon and parody anyone they want. You know, that whole freedom of speech thing.

TMZ reports that RC3 has asked a court to declare that the company is not violating any sort of law by poking fun at The Biebs with their game, which featured a buck-toothed, animated doppelganger of The Biebs, with a mop of hair and dressed in purple (known to be the singer's favorite color).

While the game may not be something that The Biebs likes, the folks at RC3 may very well have a point about their rights.

Look on the bright side, Biebs. At least it's a silly mobile app that will likely fade away, as opposed to, you know, a golddigger looking to pass her kid off as yours a la Mariah Yeater. She eventually faded away, but with more potential to damage your appearance.