Say what you will about Justin Bieber but there is one thing that cannot be denied: The kid has a good heart made of solid gold. He isn't just generous with his donations – such as the $10k he handed over to a food pantry in his native Canada or the fact that he's giving some of the proceeds from his 'Under the Mistletoe' album to a variety of charities. He is also generous with his time. The Biebs surprised sick children in the hospital on Oct. 25, with his pal Sean Kingston in tow.

It's heartbreaking to see the young kids with tubes in their noses and IVs in their arms, but they lit up like bulbs when The Biebs came by and sang to them and with them! One little girl, wearing her purple Justin Bieber shirt, asked, "Are you going to sing for me?" He obliged her and sang 'Baby' while flashing that million-dollar smile of his. She asked him how old he is, and he asked her her age, too. She revealed that she is 10, and he told her she is cute. Aw! Adorable is not strong enough of a word!

A little boy with Mickey Mouse ears sang 'U Smile' to the Biebs, who responded by singing 'Under the Mistletoe' to him while he rocked back and forth to the melody. What a team! It is at once touching, sweet, beautiful and heartbreaking. We love seeing The Biebs bring some sunshine into their days, which can be a little dim, since they are in the hospital.

Nice work, Biebs. You have some good karma coming your way, kiddo!

Watch Justin Bieber Surprise Kids at a Children's Hospital