When it comes to vacationing, Justin Bieber isn't afraid of showing some skin to the omnipresent paparazzi. Over the weekend, Bieber, who was kicking back in Miami, showed just how comfortable he is with himself by stripping down to his underwear before a dip in a pool.The question here is whether or not Bieber wore his skivvies swimming in order to show off his bod for his mass of female fans, or if he's like any other 17-year-old boy and just ran out of clean bathing suits to wear! Either way, Bieber is looking pretty buff in those gray boxer briefs.

Bieber was lounging poolside with his good friend Sean Kingston. Hmm ... We wonder if the pals soaked up the sun swimming before or after they were pulled over by a cop and swarmed by fans in the Florida city. You know what they say, the friends that get swarmed by screaming girls together, stay together. That same day, July 30, Bieber posted two tweets reading, "@seankingston #realfriend." and "I LOVE MIAMI."

This trip to Miami comes only a few days after Bieber announced that he will taking some time off from the music game for some much-needed relaxation time. Ahh, to be young, rich, and famous -- and swimming in your underwear in Miami! We have to say we are quite jealous of JB.

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