And suddenly, it's 2009 all over again with the publishing of one black and white Instagram photo. Then we were hurled right back into 2013, thanks to an "attempt" at growing a mustache.

Justin Bieber posted a photo of himself on his fave photo sharing site. Big deal, right? Wrong. Instead of sporting his now-signature pompadour, he was boasting his formerly signature swoopy bangs style. It's a work of art and flawless.

We thought that Bieber bangs were reserved for the previous decade, but hey, what do we know? He's The Biebs. He's a trendsetter and a style star. And it's his hair and he can wear it however he wants.

By wearing long sleeves and covering up all of his new "bad boy" tattoos, we feel like we've drifted into a time warp, before Le Biebs was cussing out the paps, smoking blunts, dating a Gomez and driving like a maniac. He looks like a kid again -- like our sweet, innocent, 'Baby' singing, pre-pubescent, squeaky clean Biebs.  Ah, those were the days.

We miss that Biebs but accept that like any young man, he has to grow up.

And about that mustache? We get that he's trying to grow some face pubes, but it's not working for us. Here he is at the Opening Ceremony show at NYFW 2013. Leathered down and stached up.

Vivien Killilea, Getty Images

More 'stache. We want less.

Vivien Killilea, Getty Images

Okay, sorry, but that thing has gotta go! #BiebsStacheG2G.

Vivien Killilea, Getty Images

Can this be our last look at a Biebstache? We can only hope. Love the man. Love the swoop reprise. Hate the facial hair attempt.

Jemal Countess, Getty Images