While it's normally all love between Justin Bieber and One Direction, with Beliebers and Directioners hoping for an eventual duet between the teen idol and the boy band -- OMG! COULD YOU IMAGINE?! -- the Biebs is on record saying that'd be able to take any one of the 1D boys out if they went mano y mano. Say what?

That's right, he said it. If he had to enter the ring with Niall or Zayn or Harry or Louis or Liam on their own, he'd be the victor. Not so much if it were five against one. Duh! The arithmetic works against him there.

The Times Live reports that The Biebs said, "I'd get my a--- kicked (against all of them). But one-on-one I'd take them. I'd try a spin-kick. To the face."

A roundhouse kick to the kisser? That's not nice, Biebs. But then again, he was asked an inane question. Why can't it just be all love between The Biebs and 1D?

If we had to wager on a round of fisticuffs between these boys, we'd have to go with the Biebs, since he hangs out with boxers like Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather. We'd probably bank on him pulling out a win if it was a solo bout. But then again you never know what Harry Styles has up his sleeve.

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