In a sit down with the Hollywood Reporter, teen idol/workaholic Justin Bieber talked about how his female fragrance Someday is shattering all celebrity scent records, and how he even sampled Britney Spears' perfumes when researching his own. But the Biebs also dropped a bombshell: he is taking a month off!

Don't fret, Beliebers, because like the Terminator, he'll be back. Biebs earned a well-deserved 30 days off! He has been everywhere lately – the ESPYs, the BETs, the CMTs and any other awards show with an acronym you can think of -- so it's time to wind down and just breathe.

Before he begins working on his second full-length, which will follow up 2010's 'My World 2.0,' the Biebs says, "I'm taking a month off. It's been great to just think and enjoy hanging out with my friends. I'm still growing up, and when you're working every day, you don't really get a chance to figure out who you are. So with the time off, I’m able to think, pray and just kind of grow up." It's like Eat. Pray. Love., but different! Think. Pray. Grow Up.

What noble goals! We hope Bieber is able to chill and to enjoy some much need QT with girlfriend Selena Gomez, who just acknowledged that she and the Biebs would not be together on her birthday tomorrow because he is working. Bieber also says that, "I’ve been sleeping in a lot," which is important for a growing boy, no matter how famous he is.

The Biebs expressed genuine surprise (and happiness) about the runaway success of Someday, commenting, "I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would be successful because it's a good smell, no matter what, but to be the number one fragrance? That's amazing." It's amazing and logical, Biebs, when you have a diehard, dedicated fanbase of teen girls who want a piece of everything you do, along with having a disposable parental income!

Bieber revealed that he was hands-on in the creation of Someday and even went as far as to sniff Spears' and other celeb perfumes. "I tried Britney’s fragrance and a couple others, but I wanted to make something that was my own," the singer says. "I know what I like on a girl and I care more about what a female smells like than a man, so I didn’t really think it was right for me to do a cologne."

Even though it wasn't the time for him to do a cologne now, the Biebs is not ruling out the possibility of launching a man's fragrance in the future. Given the success of Someday, it's not a bad idea to expand his brand and scent portfolio a la Spears and Jennifer Lopez.

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