Jerry. He is an important part of the Justin Bieber universe. Who is he? Well, that's how Beliebers refer to The Biebs' junk. He knows it and spoke of it during a chat with the Capital Breakfast radio show in Australia. Jerry was once a trending topic on Twitter, too.

When the host prodded, "This Jerry guy? What does Jerry want on his [tour]rider?," The Biebs answered, "I don't know man, you just have to find out."

He also spoke about another Jerry in relation to Siva Kaneswaran from the Wanted. "I like messing with him," he said, to which the host responded, "You messed with the Jerry."

The Biebs revealed, "We were on set and he was walking by and he said something so I hit in him in [the] Jerry real quick. Max [George] said, 'I love Justin because he hit Siva in the balls.'"

Oh Jerry…

Other gems from this chat are The Biebs speaking with a faux British accent, minus the pretense of Madonna's fabricated British brogue. He also talked about getting makeup applied to his face on the set of 'Boyfriend,' saying, 'It's emasculating. Like they just do it for shine purposes and for the lights and stuff."

Speaking of 'Boyfriend,' he shared some news about the video, which should arrive next month, saying, "There are some big surprises with the video. Like it's super cool. You are going to be surprised when you see it and think, 'That's kind of a weird twist.'" He stopped it right there and would not share anymore info about what he has in store for us. Rats!

A fan also called in and wanted to know what the boy wonder smells like. The host took a whiff and said "He smells like a unicorn running through a field of fresh flowers."

Funny, that's exactly what we thought J to the B would smell like.

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