Ut oh. 'Punk'd,' which is this generation's ball-breaking version of 'Candid Camera,' is back. MTV's series in which celebs are pranked with hidden cameras capturing all of the embarrassing action is back in production, reports Access Hollywood.

However, actor and series creator Ashton Kutcher will not helm the show. He's too busy tweeting and replacing Charlie Sheen in 'Two and a Half Men.' Instead, for the first episode of the revamped show, which was filmed on Friday in Los Angeles, Justin Bieber punk'd his friend, collaborator and girlfriend's girlfriend Taylor Swift!

The show's format has been changed to feature a different celebrity serving as each episode's host as he or she devises and executes a practical joke on an unwitting target. The show went on an extended hiatus in 2007, having launched in 2003. Kutcher will remain an executive producer, but will not go in front of the camera again.

Details on how The Biebs punk'd Swift have not been revealed. Guess we'll have to tune in to find out. A relaunch date of the show has not been confirmed, either.