The bloodied and beaten wunderkind Justin Bieber is full of opinions, which he shares in his cover story for Complex.

The Biebs touches on EDM, which he feels is a passing fad. "Everybody’s just making techno music, and it’s getting old, really. It’s not going to last, at all," he said. Uh, Biebs, Madonna just battled some members of the EDM community over comments she made at a festival last week. Granted, she made a thinly veiled drug reference, on which she backpedaled , but still. She took serious heat. You might be catching some blowback for this once it spreads across the web. Heads up, bro.

Even if the EDM scene does attack the Biebs for his words, he has protection from the Young Money crew. He reveals that Drake has "given me good advice. We just text and stuff, but he’s a great guy." He also says that rapper "Lil Twist is one of my best friends. He’s the one who introduced me to Wayne. And Wayne’s at the studio that I’m working at," he explained. "So I’ve just been going over there and saying what’s up. We went skating at Wayne’s house the other day. He’s got the dopest skate ramps on the roof of his house."

Skating with Weezy? Damn, the Biebs leads the life.

But it wasn't always that way. He grew up poor, which worked out for the best, actually. "If I grew up with a lot of money, where everything was just handed to me, I feel like those are the people that, a lot of time, grow up to do worse things," he said. That's an astute observation, because with lots of expendable income comes lots of trouble. Many '80s teen flicks featured rich kids with drug habits. Mo' money, mo' problems.

He also shared his favorite rappers, listing them off and saying, "2Pac, Andre 3000, Eminem, Nas and Lil Wayne. I would say Jay-Z and then Nas. So Jay-Z is in my top five."

The Biebs may love rap but he hopes to emulate the career of Michael Jackson. "I just want to be the biggest artist that I can be, and I want to make a difference," Bieber declared. "I feel like Michael Jackson made a difference with everything that he did. He was so charitable and just always on-point. I just want to be where he is, as an artist."

This kid is alright.