Justin Bieber is single. Mollie King of the Saturdays is single. Maybe that's one of the reasons The Biebs is allegedly luring the ladies to open the next leg of his U.S. tour, which kicks off June 25.

The Biebs' wily manager Scooter Braun saw the girls play a hush hush acoustic set in the U.S., where approximately 40 music biz execs attended.

"Scooter immediately called Justin to tell him he’d found the 'perfect' act to open for him at venues in the U.S. when he returns from the European leg of his Believe tour,' a source told The Daily Star.

An insider who is close to the all-girl band said, "We are very near to sealing a deal that should ensure the Saturdays really crack America where it counts – performing live in huge stadiums. There is even talk of Justin and the Saturdays collaborating on at least one number." We think he should duet with Mollie. Just sayin'.

Bringing a U.K. band on our with him could help him mend his relationship with U.K. fans, since much of his bratty behavior has taken place in Europe. Since the ladies are huge in their native country, The Biebs could make up for his tardiness at the O2 gig by showing support to a U.K. band.

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