As most of his fans know already, Justin Bieber turns 17 today. In honor of the 'Somebody to Love' singer, PopCrush has come up with a list of 17 things that you might not know about Justin Bieber. From his worst date and dream girl to personal stories about his rise to fame, our list contains something for every type of Bieber fan. Happy birthday, Justin Bieber!

17. Justin Bieber has had the same two best friends since he was very young. Their names are Ryan Butler, who Bieber and his pals call "Butsy," and Chaz Somers.

16. His parents split up when he was born, and his grandparents helped raise him. Bieber's family didn't have a lot of money while he was growing up -- they lived in rent-to-geared-income housing and his grandparents had to help out a lot. It was a difficult time in Bieber's life when he had to move away from his grandparents in Canada to his current home in Atlanta, Ga.

15. Bieber says the three words that best describe him are impatient, lovable and hard-working.

14. He fractured his foot performing 'One Time' in London. Click here to see a video of the singer tripping onstage (at around 0:15). Even though his foot was broken, Bieber continued the performance like nothing had happened!

13. His ideal girl is not a chatter box. He wants someone who is able to listen and not just talk and talk and talk. He also would like a girl who is funny, who he can talk to, and has pretty eyes and a nice smile.

12. The first time Biebs took his driving permit test, he failed. He missed one question, preventing him from passing.

11. He had a recurring role as Jason McCann on the television crime series, 'CSI.' Bieber has appeared on the drama series 'CSI' twice, but was killed off on the latest episode. On 'The Talk,' Justin explained his character, saying he was a "bad kid that kills a lot of people and [steals his] dad's credit cards."

10. When he was younger, Bieber earned $500 in one day performing on the street. What's even more amazing is that he told Jay Leno he used to stay out for only two hours at a time while performing. He used the money to pay for a trip to Florida with his mom. Cue the "Awws."

9. Both Justin Timberlake and Usher wanted to sign Justin Bieber. Usher won Bieber over, and the 'OMG' singer set up him up to audition for Island Def Jam Music Group's record exec, L.A. Reid. Bieber was signed to the label in October 2008.

8. Bieber has a 4.0 GPA. His tutor travels with him on the road, and he is also home-schooled.

7. His mom had him when she was only 18-years-old. "She really gave up everything for me," Bieber once told Jay Leno. The singer also has two much younger siblings -- his 2-year-old sister Jazmine and his 1-year-old brother, Jaxon. Bieber calls home as much as he can, and whenever he calls, his sister only refers to him as "Bieber."

6. He doesn't want the pressures of fame to ruin his childhood. While he and his manager, Scooter Braun, were watching Madonna eulogize Michael Jackson, Bieber was freaked out as she spoke about Jackson's lost childhood. "Justin looks right at me," Braun explained, "and says, 'Don’t let that happen to me.'"

5. He also has another fear -- small, tight spaces. When he was 7, he was playing hide-and-seek with his cousin. His cousin shut him in a toy box and he got stuck in there, which is where his claustrophobia stems from.

4. Bieber had his first kiss at the age of 13. The kiss happened at a school dance while Bieber and the lucky girl were slow-dancing to 'How to Save a Life' by the Fray. For those of you wondering, he made the first move.

3. He wants ultimate bada-- Chuck Norris to portray him in a movie about his life. He also told Jimmy Fallon in an interview that he would want Norris to keep the beard and everything.

2. Bieber loves to play hockey, and he used to get in a lot of fights during matches. However, he was far from the rowdiest in the rink. "I'm really rough when I play hockey. But the parents are even worse. They get into fights in the crowd. One time, the police had to come because parents were getting into altercations," Bieber once told Jay Leno. Bieber's two favorite hockey players are Wayne Gretzky and Sidney Crosby.

1. He blames his worst date ever on a plate of spaghetti. One time, he was out with a girl at an Italian restaurant and he was wearing a white shirt. He ordered his favorite food, spaghetti, which he promptly spilled down the front of his shirt. Needless to say, they didn't go out again. Her loss!