Try as we might, we can't stop Justin Bieber from growing up. He's making musical leaps at every turn and his latest, off-the-cuff song, a cover of Frank Ocean's 'Thinking About You' featuring Jaden Smith, is further evidence that The Biebs is maturing and slowly but surely and steadily becoming a man. Few artists can go from reworking holiday classics to a song such as an urban romantic ode like 'Thinking About You' like The Biebs can.

The Biebs and Smith (brother of Willow, son of Will and Jada) offer up their dreamy and smooth-like-silk R&B rendition of the song. You can practically hear champagne chilling and fire crackling in the background. Yeah, it's that kinda song. The Biebs is once again indulging his urban side. Jaden is probably a better actor, since he delivers monotone, monochromatic talk-rap, but it certainly meshes nicely with The Biebs' croon. This isn’t 'Baby' by any stretch, but it's another side to The Biebs' musical personality.

They're ballin' teens, that’s for sure.

They're also wooin' a girl. The Biebs is certainly more mature here, as the subject matters allows for it. He is also demonstrating some serious swagger. The recording has a bit of a done-on-the-fly, with a bedroom recorder feel to it and that's part of the charm.

Listen to Justin Bieber, 'Thinking About You' Feat. Jaden Smith