Justin Bieber is a really generous friend -- to a fault, in fact. He is allowing three friends – Lil Twist (who treats his cars like crap), Kevin Pederson and another who is choosing to remain nameless -- live at his Calabasas mansion, rent-free. Know what that makes them? Squatters!

Not only do the gentlemen reside at the crib without having to pay for it, they also get their own security guard. They can come and go as they wish while The Biebs is on tour. While The Biebs is away, his reckless and irresponsible friends will play, throwing pot parties and generally being nuisances to the neighbors, according to TMZ.

They also have access to his fleet of sweet cars, too. We already know that Lil Twist treats The Biebs' expensive rides like they are Kias.

Pederson, known as King Kevi, has been residing at the house for a month and has thrown 30 parties in his time. Some were big. Some were small. But all had lots more female attendees than male. If he's lived there a month, do the math. He throws a party a day. The parties were also fueled by sizzurp, but after the codeine cocktail made headlines during the Lil-Wayne-almost-died debacle, it's in shorter supply.

No wonder Selena Gomez bounced. Who wants to deal with all these opportunistic hangers on?

The Biebs needs to clean house and stop lending mansions and cars to friends. It reflects poorly on him.

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