Bieber Fever has sparked a medical breakthrough, at least in the case of Megan Ham. The 11-year-old girl is afflicted with a rare disorder known as Lissencephaly, which effects only 1500 children globally. The little girl is severely neurologically impaired and has had up to 70 seizures in a single day, and she can't walk or talk. Up until recently, she didn't express emotion, and her parents were told she'd live to be 2, if that. However, she began to show sparks of emotion, a smile and kicked her leg upon hearing the music of Justin Bieber.

Grab a tissue, Beliebers, because this one is heartbreaking and heartwarming, as it demonstrates the power of music. Megan discovered Biebs by accident. As his music popped up on the radio, she became to respond. When she sees or hears him, science falls by the wayside and she is expressive.

Megan's teachers say the music keeps her happy and comfortable, and she has some communication with her family, thanks to Bieber.

The story of Megan, who resides in the Pacific Northwest, has reached Biebs, who tweeted his love, support and a promise to see her in person when he makes it to her area.

OMG, we have to hand it to JB. He will make this little girl's life and that of her family by meeting her. He really is an angel, that Biebs.

Check out his tweet. We cannot wait until he tweets a photo of them together. We send our thoughts and love to Megan, as well.

Watch Megan Ham Respond to Justin Bieber's Music