Justin Bieber's path to a Billboard No. 1 hit on the Hot 100 chart was a long and winding road, but this morning, it proved to be very much worth the journey.

The pop star, whose "What Do You Mean?" currently holds top honors, learned on this morning's TODAY show (September 10) that the distinction has also officially broken a Guinness World Record. Yup, Justin Bieber is certifiably the youngest male artist to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard chart, and he's very eagerly placed the feather in his mesh-backed cap.

"I feel amazing; it feels awesome," Bieber said just before the presentation of his new plaque. "I'm focused on just inspiring people with my music and doing what I love."

And his love was pretty evident during a performance of the hit, which found him dashing around an outdoor stage as raindrops pelted him and a crew of backup dancers.

Oh, and if you happened to notice a different hue poking out beneath the singer's baseball cap—yes, The Bieb has officially gone way blond. Guess he takes his morning coffee with a bit of peroxide...

So, the enduring question: Do blonds, indeed, have more fun?

"I think I'm fun either way," Bieber offered. No arguments here...

Bieber's next studio album will hit stores on November 13.

Check out the interview and performance above.

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