Even though the Mariah Yeater pregnancy drama of last fall has come and gone, Justin Bieber felt the need to resurrect it. In a move that totally flabbergasted us, the Biebs issued a tweet yesterday (April 21), including a 'Borat' video, which features him saying, "You will never get this."

It was a surprising move on the 'Boyfriend' singer's part, especially since he hired a crisis PR firm to manage the fallout when the story broke that he allegedly impregnated Yeater during a post-concert encounter in the Staples Center bathroom. He also agreed to take a paternity test to prove that he was not her son's baby daddy and even went on several media outlets proclaiming he had never even met Yeater. So why bring it up again, when most people had forgotten about Yeater? We think his manager Scooter Braun or his mother Pattie Mallette gave him a slap on the wrist for posting this tweet.

Yeater dropped her suit at the end of 2011 but was said to still be pursuing it privately. The story died pretty quick, and Beliebers had largely dismissed her claim as lies. Yeater's gold-digging stunt hardly even put a knick in the Biebs' persona or reputation. So for the singer to bring her name up again and tweet about her is a bit of a head scratcher, unless she has contacted his team with further allegations or threats and plans to exhume her suit and he is being preemptive.

Whatever the case, let's hope this doesn't spark a firestorm of retaliation from Yeater. She is best served out of the public eye and back under the rock from which she crawled.

Below is Bieber's tweet about the woman.