Justin Bieber made an appearance in in Oslo, Norway on Wednesday (May 30) to perform a free show outside the Opera House, where Norwegian Beliebers enjoyed two brand new songs from ‘Believe’ in the form of ‘All Around the World’ and ‘As Long as You Love Me.’ Oh, those lucky Norwegian gals!

We'll not exactly.

As we previously reported, Bieber sparked a state of emergency, which resulted in 14 fans being carted off by an ambulance!

Oslo mayor Fabian Stang launched an official investigation into the concert, after 49 girls were injured, with 14 of them taken away by ambulance for emergency care. Yikes! The Biebs really does make the girls go nuts. Take it easy, Beliebers! We understand your afflicted with a raging case of Bieber Fever, but take care of each other out there.

TMZ reports that there were no serious injuries, but Stang is looking at every aspect of the event, from planning to the implementation, in order to find out what went wrong and where. That’s not anything to do with The Biebs, but those who staged the event.

Stang also had to hide behind a tree to avoid being trampled by the fans who lost their freakin’ minds. They are nothing if not a passionate and dedicated bunch.

As for the performance? According to Ace Showbiz, The Biebs performed a total of six songs, which also included 'Baby' and 'Live My Life.' He bounded onto the stage, saying, "What's up, Oslo?" before launching into 'Baby.' The singer tweeted that this particular show is part of his upcoming 'Around the World' TV special which airs on June 21.

When he asked, “Do you want to hear something new?,” he was met with a chorus of deafening squeals. He then performed the upbeat ‘All Around the World,’ which sounds a bit like a club banger.
The Biebs looked fine in a vest and white gloves, flanked by dancers. Only three of the songs, including ‘All Around the World,’ are viewable below.

Watch Justin Bieber Perform in Oslo