It's really beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Beliebers would give their right and left arms to stand under the mistletoe with Justin Bieber. But since that scenario is highly unlikely, the Bieberettes can fill the void by marvelling at the cover of the singer's upcoming Christmas collection 'Under the Mistletoe,' which features the Biebs looking incredibly winter ready.

He is cloaked in a black leather jacket, offering a pout and showing off his perfectly coiffed hair, of course. There's a sprinkling of CGI snow falling on him as well, lacing the cover with a Christmas appropriate vibe (and weather!) Notice not a hair is out of place despite the precipitation. Nothing, not even snow, can mess with that hair.

Now that we know what 'Under the Mistletoe' looks like on the outside, we're anxious to hear some songs. Some Beliebers were pissed that others heard the album first,  since there is really no justice in the world unless you are a promo site that spreads the word about The Biebs' music. Bieber also invited one of his favorite singing groups Boyz II Men to do a song with him. The Boyz talked about spreading festive, holiday cheer with the Biebs, further amping up the excitement.

The album is out Nov. 1 so enjoy this cover shot until you get to crank the soon-to-be-Christmas-classics while you toss back a mug of eggnog or hot cocoa, or even spiced (not spiked) cider.