Pop stars have been going ink crazy recently, with Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Zayn Malik all getting tatted within weeks of each other. The heavily-inked Biebs recently showed off his latest, a Banksy-inspired tat on his arm, while Ariana Grande went under the needle to get a gorgeously simple phrase tatted on the back of her neck. Miley Cyrus went the pop culture route, inking a tattoo of the sad kitty emoticon inside her bottom lip, and Zayn Malik added to his long list of tats with an intricate flower pattern on his forearm. Whose new tattoo do you like best?

Justin Bieber added yet another tat to his skin art collection, inking his right arm with a Banksy image. The tattoo is a graffiti-like replica of the mysterious graffiti artist's 'Girl With a Red Balloon,' though the Biebs' tat is in black and white. This tattoo seems to holding a particularly important message to Bieber, who captioned the pic of it with the phrase, "Don't let your dreams float away." We love that the tattoo is meaningful to Bieber and not just another piece for the sake of getting tattooed.

Ariana Grande gave fans a bit of a surprise when she posted pics on Instagram getting the back of her neck tattooed. The design is simple and sweet and it appears to be just one word written beautifully in script. The tattoo is elegant, classy and is something that can easily be covered up by her hair if she chooses not to display it. We love the classic beauty and simplicity of it!

Miley Cyrus is having the time of her life on the Bangerz Tour -- so what better time than to get tattooed? The provocative singer is known for peppering her tweets and Instagram photos with emojis (especially her favorite, the smiley face with its tongue sticking out) so much so that she even decided to get one tatted on the inside of her lower lip. Cyrus opted for the crying kitty emoticon for her lip ink, and we think it looks kind of cute! The tat is easily hidden (whenever Cyrus doesn't pull down her lip, of course) and ultimately, it's something that will fade after five years or so if she decides she doesn't like it. It's a low-commitment piece of ink: perfect for this time in her life.

Zayn Malik is no stranger to tattoos, and he recently added another piece of ink to the collection: an intricate floral pattern on his forearm. The design is super detailed and really beautiful. It's the kind of tat that draws attention to itself based solely on the design, which was really well done. The tattoo artist couldn't have had a shaky hand for this tat!

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 Ariana Grande's Tattoo

Miley Cyrus' Tattoo

Zayn Malik's Tattoo