We wonder if Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and Joe Jonas took a cue from 'Almost Famous' and shouted "I am a golden God!" into the mirror before they stepped out in these metallic suit jackets. They really do look oh-so fly! Elvis Presley would be proud this trend has continued into the 21st century. 

Bieber wore his golden coat to the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, Bruno rocked his at the 2011 Grammys, and finally, Joe Jonas turned it up in gold while performing with the Jonas Brothers. Gold is such a regal color, and it suits all 3 of these pop princes quite well. Bieber is pretty much pop's golden boy, Mars is known for his out-of-this-world, funky fresh style and Jonas is also quite the trend-setter, and also established his place as a frontman with this eye-catching blazer.

So, who looks best in the golden suit jacket? Vote for Justin, Bruno or Joe below!