Justin Bieber may not have the best driving record, but he certainly has some cool cars in his collection. One of his standout rides is his chrome Fisker Karma, which looks like it's capable of hitting supersonic speeds. While Bieber's metallic whip is pretty sweet, do you think it's cooler than Chris Brown's Lamborghini, which the 'Fine China' singer decked out to look like a real-life Hot Wheels car? 

Although he's been seen in his Ferrari a lot lately, Bieber has owned his chrome Fisker Karma for a while now (do you think he ever fixes his hair in its reflection?). Even though it's been through a lot (a factory recall for faulty plug-ins, a Lil Twist-caused crash, etc.), we bet it's still one of his favorite things. The four-door, subcompact, luxury sports sedan also boasts rechargeable batteries, saving Bieber lots on gas money. It's a good thing too, because this vehicle looks more like a spaceship than an actual car, and it would probably cost a lot to fuel up. It's definitely an out-of-this-world ride for an extraordinary young man with a taste for the finer things in life.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown is also about the customization of his cars, and the Lamborghini he bought earlier in 2013 screams Breezy. It's a white, yellow and blue Lambo that the R&B singer had altered to look like a Hot Wheels ride. Brown is very artistic and always seems to be surrounded by bright, vibrant colors, so it only makes sense that he transformed his car into a work of art... albeit, this art probably isn't for anyone. If anyone else besides the 'Look at Me Now' hit maker was driving this whip, we'd probably be scratching our heads a bit more. However, it totally fits Breezy.

So, who has the best ride in your opinion? Check out some close-up pictures and vote Justin Bieber or Chris Brown for coolest car below!

KVS, PacificCoastNews.com
Miguel Aguilar/Sam Sharma, PacificCoastNews.com