While Justin Bieber and Chris Brown have both raised eyebrows with the places they chose to spray paint, we admit that both singers are talented graffiti artists. Each star has a totally unique style (spray-painting Miley's face on a skateboard ramp probs isn't CB's jam), but we would love to hit the streets with either of them. Which singer would you rather do graffiti with?

Justin's tagged everything from a wall in Rio de Janeiro to the aforementioned skate ramp. JB's doesn't always please people (like the Brazilian government) with his exploits, but he does he did wow one star: Kelly Osbourne. The 'Fashion Police' commentator posted a pic on Instagram of some of the work the Biebs did. Clearly, he's willing to teach others!

Chris Brown also likes unconventional surfaces for his graffiti. He's caused drama by tagging the outside of his Hollywood home and spraying monsters on his GF's $90,000 Porsche. Nevertheless, it's clear Breezy is super talented when it comes to graffiti! and we'd love him to give us some pointers.

Who would you rather do graffiti with: Bieber or Breezy? Vote in the poll below!