It's Round 1 of our first annual competition to select PopCrush's Prom King and Queen, and in this pair-up, we've selected buddies Justin Bieber and Chris Brown to battle it out for the King's crown.

Now before you freak out screaming, "How can I pick between the two?!?," let us explain, or rather, help you decide who is worthy of such prestige.

Let's start with Justin, who has been hard at work touring the world in support of his most recent release, 'Believe,' and promoting his club-friendly single 'All Around the World' (with Luda). The 19-year-old has been under a lot scrutiny as of late, but manages to project a "half-glass full sort of attitude" and put his Beliebers first, sharing his insight and swoon-worthy selfies on Twitter.

The 'Boyfriend' singer is also one of the most desirable teenage bachelors at the moment, despite recently reconnecting with his ex, Selena Gomez (who is also nominated for Prom Queen). Can you just imagine the Biebs in a sleek James Bond suit and a jewel-encrusted crown? He could even throw on those fingerless gold gloves he wears on tour for good measure.

Then there's Chris Brown, who continues to project his talent through singing, dancing, and art work. He's a trifecta in the pop world, and it's safe to say he's released one of the best songs of 2013, so far ('Fine China.'); not many artists can sonically mesh the King of Pop and Stevie Wonder and make it current. And despite his yo-yo relationship status with Rihanna, Team Breezy has stood by and supported him, even through the rough patches. Besides, did you see his dance moves in the 'Fine China' video?!

So who is king-worthy -- Justin Bieber or Chris Brown? Vote for who you want to be in the running for this year's PopCrush Prom King below. This poll will end on Saturday, May 4, at 11:59PM ET, and the winner will go on to compete in Round 2 with three other guys.