It's an epic music video battle between Justin Bieber and Drake! Both of the artists have released cinematic, 'Romeo + Juliet'-esque clips for their tracks 'As Long as You Love Me' and 'Find Your Love,' respectively, but which of these star-crossed lover boys has the best music video?

The Biebs recruited 'Reservoir Dogs' most deranged Mister, Michael Madsen, for his 'As Long as You Love Me' clip. In addition to providing his normal (and awesome) choreography as well as some sexy shots self shots, Bieber also weaves a storyline in the video where Madsen is keeping him from his lady love. See, Madsen plays the girl's crazy, overprotective father, who beats the living crap out of Bieber after he runs off with his GF. It's a sad, exciting and, at times, moving video that spins a tale of two lovers torn apart.

Meanwhile, down in the Kingston, Jamaica, Drake is trying to win over the girl of his dreams. However, despite his celebrity status, it's not as simple as you'd think. The girl Drizzy falls for is actually a local ganglord's main lady, and she cannot be involved with the rapper for fear of retaliation. Drake is tenuous is his fight for her though, and in the end he shows up the gang's headquarters looking for her. Needless to say, it doesn't end well for them, as they're violently torn apart (literally) by forces greater themselves.

Check out Justin Bieber's 'As Long as You Love Me' video below as well as Drake's 'Find Your Love' clip and vote on which cinematic vid is your favorite!

Watch the Justin Bieber 'As Long as You Love Me' Video Feat. Big Sean

Watch the Drake 'Find Your Love' Video

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