Animal print is a tricky look to pull off. Thankfully, two of our favorite pop stars happen to be very fashion forward!

Last winter, Justin Bieber was photographed rocking purple leopard print pants. Six months later, at London Fashion Week, Harry Styles of One Direction was "spotted" (see what we did there?) wearing a leopard print shirt. Which singer wears this trend better?

Justin Bieber raised eyebrows when he stepped out in his bold purple pants. (Or maybe it was the yellow spiked hat he accessorized with it?) Either way, the drop-crotch look was definitely a memorable sartorial moment for the pop star. Hey, he doesn't call himself swaggy for nothing!

Harry Styles, on the other hand, wore leopard print to one of fashion's most editorial events -- the Burberry Prorsum show in London. The Brit toned down the animal print by adding black pants, black boots and a black overcoat. He kept his signature mane tousled, but pushed off his face.

Who wears this bold print the best? Vote below!

Justin Bieber

Optic Photos,

Harry Styles

Gareth Cattermole, Getty Images