Beliebers and Directioners, get ready to vote! Both Justin Bieber and Harry Styles sport some pretty sweet hip tattoos, but we have to ask: Who rocks it best?

According to PopTats, Justin Bieber's tattoo of a small bird on his hip was the first tattoo the singer ever got, getting it inked on his 16th birthday. While the Biebs is now 20 and much more heavily tatted, we think the tiny bird in flight is definitely one of his most subtle and elegant tats -- not to mention it definitely draws your eye to his sexy waist and abs. And hey, that's never a bad thing!

Harry Styles used to have a hip tat reading "Might as well," but he recently covered it up with a fern (and a matching one on his other side). While the One Direction singer's tats may be considered more lower stomach ink than hip tattoos, they definitely extend in that direction, mimicking the lower 'V' on his stomach. Hot!

Which pop star hottie's tattoo do you like best? Cast your vote for Justin Bieber or Harry Styles in the poll below!

See Justin Bieber's Hip Tattoo

Handout, Getty Images

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