Justin Bieber made headlines when he debuted a new hairstyle. (And we're not talking about the return of The Swoop!) The singer showed up at New York Fashion Week with a mustache.

The Biebs isn't the only pop star with fresh facial hair. Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt has also been photographed looking artfully scruffy. Whose facial hair do you like better?

With his big brown eyes and flawless complexion, Justin Bieber tends to look younger than his 19 years. Maybe he grew the 'stache to man up his appearance? Either way, it stole the spotlight when he brooded in the front row of the Opening Ceremony show. As of right now, the bro-stache isn't too grown in, but we can only hope it matures into a full-out handlebar.

Kendall Schmidt, on the other hand, is pioneering beyond a mere crumb catcher. The singer is going for the trifecta: mustache, beard and soul patch. Like Bieber, Kendall's facial hair is relatively new, so we have yet to see its limits.

Who packs the best 'stache: Justin or Kendall? Vote here!