Well, this is a thing that happened: Both Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas stripped down and showed off their abs (and more!) in front of large audiences last week. Which pop star had the hotter striptease?

Justin Bieber unexpectedly stripped down to his boxers while on stage for New York Fashion Week's 'Fashion Rocks!' event. Sadly, JB's presence was met by a ton of boos from the crowd -- so he did the one thing that would get fans screaming: taking off (almost!) all of his clothes, except for his Calvin Klein boxers. That seemed to have done the trick, as the Beliebers in the audience immediately started shrieking at the site of his toned body, drowning out the haters.

Nick Jonas gave his gay fans a treat while at gay NYC nightclub BPM this week, doing a slow and sexy striptease while his own song 'Jealous' played in the background. Whole Nick didn't get as far down to his underwear as JB, he certainly had the rapt attention of the audience -- and how can you not, with a smokin' six pack like that!

Which pop star had the hotter striptease? Cast your vote for Justin Bieber or Nick Jonas in the poll below!

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