It looks like Pharrell is not the only male pop star in Hollywood bringing back the hat trend! Justin Bieber donned a '90s-esque bucket hat during his surprise performance at Coachella over the weekend, while the 'Happy' singer has been hitting up award show after award show and performance after performance in his beloved ten-gallon hat look. Who wears the hat best?

Justin Bieber's choice of hat was most likely chosen for sun protection just as much as it was for fashion. After all, Coachella was held in the middle of the blazing hot California desert, where the sun can get pretty brutal. Still, the Biebs, who was born in '94, brought back an old-school look with the blindingly white bucket hat, which he paired with plenty of bandannas and sunglasses. While the hat came pretty down low over his face (probably to shade him from the sun!), we still think that he pulled off the look, and love how much it reminded us of our childhoods. Ah, the '90s.

Pharrell has been rocking the ten-gallon hat so much this season that he even sold the one he wore to the 2014 Grammys on eBay to benefit his charity. (Fast food chain Arby's, whose logo boasts a cowboy hat eerily similar to Pharrell's, swooped it up for $44K.) Whether it's tan or jade green, Pharrell can rock the Smoky the Bear look like nobody's business. He's made the hat his signature look -- and it certainly has people talking!

Which celeb rocks the hat best? Cast your vote for Justin Bieber or Pharrell below!