Doting boyfriends Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik (of One Direction) love their girlfriends -- Selena Gomez and Perrie Edwards, respectively -- so much, that they just had to express their adoration in the form of permanent body ink.

Although they've never come out and admitted that their tattoos are meant to be their significant others, it's pretty obvious that Sel and Perrie were the inspiration behind Justin and Zayn's female form tats. But which of their tattooed girlfriend tributes do you like best? Justin's Selena Gomez-inspired angel, or Zayn's cute cartoon of his Little Mix lady, Perrie Edwards?

Check out the Biebs' tattoo -- below, you can see the exact same photo that is said to be the main influence behind Justin Bieber's piece of upper wrist ink. The cleavage-baring, winged female on the singer's arm is flying high among the clouds, and it's a really sweet gesture, since he's basically saying Selena Gomez is his angel on Earth. Too cute, right? It kind of spells Jelena 4L!

Meanwhile, Zayn Malik of 1D had his beloved Perrie Edwards tattooed on his arm... Or at least that's what all of the Directioners and Mixers are saying. Seriously, this tattoo HAS to be of Perrie. What other lady in Zayn's life rocks majestic curls and beanies on the reg? And we all know how much she loves her peace symbols and crop tops! We think its quite lovely that Zayn is bursting with so much love for his GF, that he just had to carry her with him at all times.

So, which of these girlfriend tats do you like best? Justin Bieber's tattoo of Selena Gomez, or Zayn Malik's tattoo of Perrie Edwards? Check out some more pics below and vote!

Tim Mosenfelder, Getty Images / ELLE
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