Legal woes are following Justin Bieber like a puppy lately. First, he's wanted for questioning after a scuffle with a photographer over the holiday weekend. Now, his battle with RC3, the company behind the "Joustin' Beaver" mobile app, could be tossed on a technicality. If so, score one for Da Biebs.

TMZ reports that the fact that the app makers have filed their own suit in Florida, which Bieber believes is grounds for dismissal, as he doesn't live there. RC3 believes its game is protected by their Constitutional rights, since it's a parody, but Bieber felt it was borrowing a bit too heavily from his image and likeness, and thus wanted it removed immediately.

Now, the 'Boyfriend' singer has filed court documents looking to have the suit dismissed over the geographical technicality.

The case and the filings are now in a judge's hands.

The price of fame is certainly surrounding Bieber right now. Something tells us that he'd much rather deal with the "Joustin' Beaver" nonsense than, say, any more allegations courtesy of that gold-digger Mariah Yeater.