Michael Jackson might be the King of Pop, but it seems as if Justin Bieber is becoming the king of wax statues. Bieber has been immortalized in wax yet again, and this time his likeness is donning an MJ-inspired look.

The latest wax clone of Bieber was unveiled yesterday, March 19, at Madame Tussauds in Berlin, Germany. In the past, the 'Boyfriend' crooner's wax figures have been dressed in everyday attire, so this MJ outfit (the gold and red military style jacket, black pants and the gloves are practically identical to the same outfit Jackson donned at the 1984 American Music Awards) is certainly out of the ordinary.

However, it's really not that out of the ordinary that the sculptors at the Berlin chapter of Madame Tussauds chose to dress the new Bieber statue in this fashion. In his interview with Complex magazine, on the cover of which Bieber appears beaten to a pulp, the 18-year-old heartthrob spoke of his hopes to have a career similar to MJ and constantly compares himself to the late King of Pop. At the rate Bieber's going, his dreams of MJ-like glory might come true, especially with the upcoming release of his 2012 LP 'Believe.'

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