Remember how Justin Bieber announced that he would be taking some time off from work? Well, apparently recording a new album doesn't fall under the "work" category for the singer. Bieber is currently working on some new material in the studio, and his Twitter activity as of late has some people asking if he will be collaborating with Black Eyed Peas member Monday, Aug. 1, Bieber tweeted at, writing the simple and tormentingly vague message "@iamwill WE READY!!" The next day, Bieber tweeted, "headed to make #newmusic. album is gonna be CRAAZY!" Although this seems like a definite from these tweets, Bieber's first tweet was a reply to a message will posted earlier that day -- it read, "Ruthless records family tree & @drdre "I be rockin them beats"," and also featured a Twitpic of Will and Dr. Dre. Could Bieber just have been excited about that?

Even though we really hope Bieber and Will cross paths in the studio, nothing is confirmed as of yet. If it does happen, we are curious to see if will join Bieber on a duet, or if he will lend his production talent. In the past, Will has produced tracks for the BEP, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, and Bieber's musical mentor Usher.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, a source is saying that the collaboration is a huge possibility. "There has been talk for him to do some things with Justin, now that the Black Eyed Peas are taking a brief hiatus, Will has plenty of time to help out on working with Justin. They have certainly had discussions," says the insider. "But what I have also heard is Justin is taking his time with his next album, going through plenty of producers and collaborators to make everything is just right."

The fact that Justin and Will's are friends also makes our "spider senses" tingle even more. Justin has spoke of his hopes to collaborate with in the past, and he even referred to Will as his "big brother" in a tweet during the Super Bowl. Not to mention that Will also attended the 'Never Say Never' premiere a few months back.

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