'X' marks the spot. Justin Bieber has added another tattoo to his ever-expanding collection. The singer inked a black 'X' with curled ends near the owl on his forearm. He's trying to beat One Direction's Harry Styles in the race to add more random, seemingly unlinked pieces to his body art array.

The Biebs shared a black and white photo on Instagram, wearing leopard-print, Zubaz-style (REMEMBER THOSE?! Belieber parents probably do) pants, a black tank and hotel slippers. See the 'X' stamped on his arm, next to his wise owl?

The Biebs' tattoo inventory is increasing regularly, at an almost alarming rate. Before you know it, he's going to be yard hard and covered. Nah, never! He's too cute for that. But he needs to slow down. He doesn't want to end up under the laser or with pieces he regrets.

We are interested in what the 'X' symbolizes. Somehow, we don't think it's a nod to his X-GF, Selena Gomez.

The Biebs got an Indian chief tattooed on his shoulder earlier this year, in honor of his grandfather who took him to hockey games in his native Canada as a young tyke. So at least we know that one has meaning!

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