So, while watching one of our favorite shows of all time, 'Saved by the Bell,' we couldn't help but notice Zack Morris' similarity to Justin Bieber... but particularly his similarity to the Biebs during his Zack Attack heyday. Friends forever, right you guys?

OK, so if you were born after 1990, you may be sitting there wondering what the heck we're even talking about. Well, after he, Slater, Screech, Lisa and Kelly become famous (at least in a dream sequence) in the episode 'Rockumentary,' fame goes straight to Zack's pretty little head and he totally like, takes over the entire band! How DARE he! Also, the entire episode is narrated by Casey Kasem, making it that much more awesome. It was like 'Behind the Music' before 'Behind the Music' was even helmed.

Anyway, Mr. Morris looks part Vanilla Ice and a whole lot of Bieber in the shot above... we think it must be their matching hairdos and inherent good looks. Do you agree? Vote below!