Justin Bieber's bodyguard has landed in hot water after an incident with a photographer, this according to AP. 

Bieber's bodyguard, Hugo Hesny, was indicted on two felony charges in Fulton County Superior Court after he admitted to taking a photographer's camera in an Atlanta suburb. He faces charges of robbery and entering a vehicle.

Jason Winslow, a photographer, told cops he was shooting pictures of Bieber outside an arcade in Sandy Springs, Ga. when Hesny chased Winslow, cut him off, opened the door to Winslow's car and stole his camera.

Hesny originally told police he was not in possession of the camera but after officers searched an SUV belonging to Bieber's entourage, the camera was found. Hesny then admitted that he only wanted to delete pictures of Bieber taken outside the arcade.

Bieber and his group have had several run-ins with the paparazzi and we can only hope that all parties will remain safe and respectful going forward.