A day after Justin Bieber's mom Pattie Mallette tweeted that her parents were involved in a car crash in their native Canada, the Ontario police have confirmed today (Dec. 29) that The Biebs' grandparents are doing just fine after the fact. Whew! That has to be a load off The Biebs' mind.

The Associated Press reports (courtesy of Billboard) that Bruce and Diane Dale drove their vehicle in a ditch on Tuesday afternoon (Dec. 28) upon hitting a patch of slushy snow on a road near Stratford, Ontario, which is Bieber's hometown.

According to Constable Kees Wijnands, the car rolled over and struck a tree before landing back on its wheels. Based on those details, the accident could have been a lot worse for Justin's grandparental units. But they were lucky. Despite the initial scare, they are recovering nicely and Bruce was treated at a local hospital. Again, this is all good news for the singer's family.

The Biebs himself did not comment on the incident as of press time.

PopCrush sends our best out to the Dales as they recuperate from the accident.