Two words: Too cute.

Twins Justin and Jeremy went viral today, appearing on NBC's 'The Today Show' this morning and garnering over 1 million hits on YouTube with their adorable performance of Bruno Mars' 'The Lazy Song'. 

They definitely have the lazy theme down -- the tots performed the track in matching pajamas and mastered much of the original's choreography -- including the head nodding, arm linking, robot arms, and the "hand in my pants" motion. Justin and Jeremy even drop their drawers -- leaving one of them with a little wardrobe malfunction, which is conveniently censored with a happy face.

While they're certainly adorable, Mars probably doesn't have to worry about losing any clout. The singer has over 4 million Twitter followers as of this week, and the tykes are a bit too young for Rosario Dawson!

Watch Justin and Jeremy Perform 'The Lazy Song'

Watch the Bruno Mars 'The Lazy Song' Video