Chart-topper, globe-trotter, A-lister, and heartbreaker Justin Timberlake is setting his sights on a regal target: Pippa Middleton, sister to the newly crowned Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (that's Kate Middleton, if you ain't fancy).

Pippa was a tabloid target throughout Prince William and Kate's courtship for her relaxed beauty and chic style, and it looks like the show-stealing sibling may have stolen Timberlake's heart as well. "Us American males are big fans of Pippa," he told the UK version of Esquire in a recent interview. Not that his ardor is limited to Pippa: "We like the Middletons very much," he said in reference to Kate. "I'm going to sound like a sleazeball. I'm going to stop right there!"

After dating stars like Britney Spears, Jessica Biel, and us (in our favorite daydreams), it only makes sense that the Timberlegend would shoot for an unofficial member of the Royal Family -- what, were Princess Beatrice and her killer hat collection previously engaged?

We're fine if JT wants to pursue Pippa -- all's fair in love and monarchy, after all -- but the last thing this guy needs is another distraction keeping him from releasing new music. Keep your eye on the prize, Justin! You can bring "sexy back" to the Middletons another time.