In a lengthy and exclusive interview with Myspace, which he co-owns, Justin Timberlake admitted that he wasn't really experimenting with his chart-topping 'The 20/20 Experience.' It turned out that way… just cuz.

"I wasn’t trying to do something different," the singer, who took a long detour in the acting world since the release of his last album 'FutureSex/LoveSounds,' admitted.

He likened the crafting of the songs to the space limitations that were a result of the classic vinyl format. He said, "These songs just started lengthening themselves and I just thought, when vinyl was the only way you could get music, the songs faded out because there wasn’t enough available space. You know? They wrote songs [and] arrangements were six, seven minutes. They just cut them off."

He continued, "Vinyl was the only way you could get music and there was only so much available data, there was only so much available space on a vinyl so they would fade songs out, but when you don’t have to do that, I just felt like these songs would transform themselves into something else. And I thought this is something really special."

He also placed the new album in context of its predecessor, saying, "I want people to close their eyes and listen to this album. I really do think my effort with the last album was to make people dance, and I think with this album, I wrote a lot of songs that make me want to sing."

The 'Lake also spoke about working with Jay-Z and how their smash hit collabo happened in organic fashion. "I think we’re just kinda the same type of guy," he said. "He’s very relaxed. Easy-going. 'Suit & Tie' came out of that -- we were just having fun. We had an extra room in the studio in New York, and I said, 'I want to do a dance record, but not like a 120 bpm dance record. I want to do like a Marvin Gaye 'Gotta Give It Up,' Curtis Mayfield, 'Move On Up.'"

"And I was talking to [producer] Tim about it, and we started messing around with the track and it turned into that, and then Jay came in and was like, 'What is this?' And then we found the little trap thing where Tim took the beat and played it halftime and found the trap to it and Jay was like, 'If you don’t use that on the song, I’d like to take that and make a whole song out of it.' So I was like, 'Well, do a verse!' And then it just was like, 20 minutes later, he’s got the whole thing done."

He also revealed his love of Radiohead, saying, "I’m a big Radiohead fan and I don’t think I’ll ever be brave enough to fully go where those guys [go]. I don’t think I’m capable of it."

Not so fast, JT! Don't underestimate your awesomeness -- we don't!

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